Why You Should Not Date a Celebrity

concert celebrity

Fame is something people want to have. Admit it, how many times have you dreamed about being famous and rich?

Even if this is one of your goals, it happens to everybody from time to time. But there is also another dream that many girls from all over the world have, and this is to date a celebrity, some of them even want to marry them.

But let’s be honest, these wishes are somewhat naive. Sure, these people are famous, absolutely gorgeous, and rich, and you will get some of these things as well. But let’s put all the pros and cons on the scales and see why you should not date a celebrity.

Celebrities can be not only praised but also criticized

As you know there are a lot of people who envy the glamorous life celebrities have, or journalists who want to earn some money and find some hot news about the celebrities.

Sometimes, however, they add a few things which will completely change the story, and you may end up the bad one. You could only be meeting an old friend of yours, but all the paparazzi pictures will show something else.

Some of these misunderstandings can even get you into a fight with your partner. At first you may think that is good, but later you will realize that this constant paparazzi chase is annoying, and can just ruin your fun. And speaking of ruining your fun…

Celebrities are followed all the time

And all the time is really all the time. As a partner to a celebrity, you will be constantly connected to them.

Celebrities should be very careful where they go and how they look. They should always look flawless, and that includes their partners, so if you want to date a celebrity, you should also look flawless, never get out of the house without makeup, or wearing old, comfortable clothes.

This may sound fine for some of you, but think about it, you cannot even take out the trash without somebody snapping a photo of you. Then when you are on vacation you cannot fully relax because there will be people that would recognize you, would want to have your partner’s autograph or will just stare at you, which is unpleasant enough. And you cannot even get a proper drink at a bar, because people will put you a label that you are alcoholic.

Would you really want to have no private life?

Celebrities have a lot of fans…

You know what I am talking about, right?

The more fans, they have, the more possibilities for them to cheat on you. Just imagine all those girls who pile up to get your partner’s autograph and are ready to jump up in their bed as soon as there is an opportunity. If we have to be honest, a lot of people who are not celebrities cheat on their partners, just imagine what will happen if the temptation has a face of hundreds of young girls with great bodies.

Very few are the celebrities who stay true to their partners. So, you do not need this, to get jealous or to be constantly on pins and needles, if your partner will be caught cheating on you.


Celebrities have variable schedules

Well, “celebrity” is a word that includes people with different jobs, like actors, musicians, sportsmen, politicians, etc.

So, if they are famous probably they have worked very hard to achieve it, and this means that they should continue the same way if they want to achieve more things in their career and to earn the same amount of money, or more.

This means that they will still work long hours, they could be away home for weeks, sometimes even months, and you cannot be constantly together. The more your partner is away, the more unsure you will feel about them and sometimes in yourselves.

After all you cannot live only with the idea that you are with someone, they should be next to you. What people say it is true “Out of sight, out of mind”. In the end you may be single again.

Celebrities are quite full of themselves

Of course, this is not always true, but the very fact they are famous means that they are praised a lot, so they are probably a bit full of themselves, as much as they say that they did not forget where they were born. Would you really want to be with someone who loves themselves more than they love you, or with someone who knows that if they lose you, they will find their next partner before you can say: “break-up”?!

Even if they do not realize it, you will be always their second choice – after their own life and fame.

Now, do you really want to date a celebrity?