Big Eyes with Black Liner


The eye makeup is no longer something simple that you just do for 2 minutes. The eye makeup is a masterpiece now, you have to achieve many skills and ideas in order to create good looking makeup. And it is no all about the lids now, you have to take care of the brows, of the background (the coverage makeup), the combination between the lip color and the eye makeup design, etc.

And you can’t apply just any type of makeup on your lids, you have to choose the makeup design according to the type and the size of your eyes. For instance, you can’t put too dark colors, too close to the waterlines when your eyes are small and narrow.

Today I want to show you a makeup design for small sized eyes. Take a look:

  • Start with a primer. No matter how much makeup products you put on the lids, if there are makeup products on the lids, secure them with the primer, it will prevent the smudging.
  • Then apply a basic color to the eyes. Choose a nude color from the matte palette. If you want to achieve a great eye-opening effect, you should choose a color that is one shade lighter than the natural color of your skin. Spread it nicely all over the lid, including the bottom lid.
  • The next step will create a depth of the eye and lid will look bigger – trace the crease with fine, smudged black line.
  • Finish the look with a cat-eye liner. Enhance the top line more, compared to the bottom one. In fact, make the bottom line smoky.
  • Apply nude color to the bottom waterline. This simple light color will make the eye look even bigger.
  • And last final step – thick layer of mascara on the top lashes and thin layer of mascara on the bottom ones.


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