Seductive Eyes 

look good in leather jacket

Whenever you want to show up your beauty in its highest level you have to use a little bit of makeup to enhance it. The results will be extremely satisfying if you choose the perfect makeup design for the perfect moment.

Always consider the event and the type of the meeting. If it is a business appointment, girls night out or a romantic date. Let’s discuss all of these appointments and what’s the most appropriate makeup style to match the mood:

Business appointment. It’s all about your position and role of the meeting. If you have to negotiate, you’d better choose simple, but chic makeup design, for instance, dark lipstick (red, plum, peach) and simple cat-eye winged eyeliner. You are allowed to apply on the lids nothing more than just a nude matte eye shadow. The brows have to be perfectly shaped and defined.

Girls night out. That’s the time when you can get wild. You can apply the heavy contouring and highlighting makeup design, combined with strongly enhanced eye, and when I say strongly enhanced eyes, I mean all of it – shadow, liner, faux lashes, more eyeliner, brows.

Remember to keep the lips simple if you choose to put the accent in the eyes. Bare, nude lips will combine perfectly the whole makeup design.

A romantic date. Well, this is the tricky one. If you are going to a restaurant and then a walk around the city in the warm night, you have to keep the makeup really single, almost natural, but if you want to rock the club that night, together, you are allowed to put some more shades on your eyes.

Here is an example:

Siren makeup

The Siren Makeup, which seduce him immediately.  Let’s get started with the steps:

  • Apply a primer to the lids. It will be more convenient for you, because the makeup won’t smudge and it won’t gather at the crease. So you won’t run to the restroom every 10 minutes. The primer will save your date.
  • Once the primer is applied and absorbed, you can continue with the application of the basic color. Use a pale bronze kohl pencil and cover the whole lid, including the area above the crease. Then smudge with a blending brush.
  • Use another kohl pencil, but this time a blue one for the liner. Contour both lash lines, including waterlines, if the shape and the size of your eyes allows it, be careful not to shrink too much the eyes.
  • Finish the whole look with a coat of mascara.