Trendy Color for Your Nails

trendy nail art

We all know which is the color of 2015, right? I’ll remind you anyway – the Marsala color. It is a combination between red and brown and I love it. Today I want to show you a nail art which is created with this color. Take a look:

Every nail decoration needs a good canvas in order to look properly. That’s why now we will start with preparing such a process. Soften the cuticles first with a deep moisturizer. Then exfoliate the nails with a hand scrub. You can also rub the nails with a wooden stick. This is necessary, because the cuticles grow along with the growing of the nails and they stick on the nail bed, which can ruin the nail art afterwards.

After everything is clean and smooth, you have to file the nails. Even if they look all right to you, you have to give them a little bit of trim in order to brighten the shape a little bit.

Before the application of the color, you have to apply to the nails a base coat. This transparent layer will protect the nails from yellowing. Dark colors like the Mascara one can cause yellowing of the nails. Also, the base coat can make it easier for you to remove the decoration afterwards.

  • Now paint the nails with the Marsala color. Apply two layers. The second layer brings out the best shade of the color. My manicurist told me so.
  • Now comes the step where we will make the decoration of this nail art – a football decoration.
  • You will need a small dotting tool or the head of a pin. Pour one drop of the Marsala color on smooth surface and dip the dotting tool in that drop, then dot on the whole nail with small dots.
  • Draw the white lines of the ball with a drawing brush.
  • Lock the decoration when the details are dry with a thick layer of top coat.